33 Weeks

I’m 33 weeks this weekend. There are 48 days until D-Day (my due date). The baby should be about 4.4 pounds and 19.4 inches by now. Jeff and I preregistered at the hospital today.

A lady at church named Sis. Hopper made the crib bedding and I’ll post some pictures here of it on the crib. We got the curtains left to go and some other details — once it’s all put together we’ll post pictures of the whole room.

bedding 1

bedding 2

bedding 3

bedding 4

Now, after all those PRETTY pictures, here’s something pretty scary!

swollen feet
My feet and hands have been swollen since Monday. Mornings they’re better but by the end of the day they’re pretty large. I’m trying to drink lots of water and avoid salty foods but I guess some of this is just inevitable. At least it means I’m getting closer!

Baby Shower Fun

Here are some photos from my first baby shower on May 5, given by my “sisters”: my sisters-in-law Pam and Alison and Alison’s sister Candice.


The star of the party, my belly.


Rebecca Van Ness, who made our beautiful wedding cakes, made an incredible cake for the baby shower (as part of her gift, no less!)


The girls prepared a big spread of brunch foods, from yummy breakfast pizza to pineapple souffle and french toast casserole ….


Pam had the idea for these adorable party favors. Baby food jars filled with M&Ms with “Baby” and “Madilyn” printed on them and a decorative top. Lots of folks including Grandma Millie helped put them together.


My niece Jaycie was a big help that day!

john and derek

Pam’s husband John and our friend Derek from church helped put on a fabulous shower—and they looked fabulous while doing it. Nice aprons, guys!


The “sisters”!

ginger and millie and cara

Posing with my mother-in-law Ginger and her mother, Millie, affectionately known as “Gram.”


Quite a spread of presents!


It’s gift time!


I was so honored that so many of my good friends from church were able to attend.

pam and jaycie

Jaycie helps Pam pull out winners’ names who each got to take home the beautiful floral centerpieces from the tables.


Mom saved the tearjerker present for last. She put together a scrapbook of my baby pictures (and some older ones too). I could only glance at a couple of pages before I started crying. She had spent weeks putting this together and it is beautiful. Several people at the shower looked through it but I waited until I got home to spend some time with it. It’s a book I’ll always treasure and I have a feeling Madilyn will too.


I’m so glad Mom was able to fly in for the big shower day!

cara and alison

Alison also served as photographer for the day as well. Thanks for the great pics to remember this special day with.

Baby’s Room Gets Overhaul

Although Jeff had already painted the nursery, there was still much to be done in organizing the closet and moving in the baby furniture. Jeff knocked most of it out tonight. Mom and I organized the closet and now just the final touches are waiting to be completed.
jeff in hallway w/ crib
Jeff had a hard time getting the crib to fit through the hallway, around the corner and into the door. He ended up dismantling one side and reconstructing it in the room. He’s good!
jeff, crib in room for first time
messy room - baby
We had piles of baby’s stuff on the mattress that had been in the room. It had been a guest room (and a computer room before that). The mattresses moved out and the crib moved in!
closet #1
The closet needed extra shelving. Jeff the handyman got to work!
closet #2
closet #3
This is the final result! Can you believe the baby has all of this stuff and she’s not even here yet??!!! We’ve got diapers and lotions and wipes on the top shelf, dresses and outfits hanging in order of their size on the two shelves and then two stacking shelves stuffed with sleepers, onesies, burp cloths, casual clothes and stuffed animals!

Relevant Baby Shower

cara and carriage cake! This weekend was the birthday/baby shower marathon! I had a great time and am completely overwhelmed at the generosity and love shown to Jeff, Madilyn and me. Friends and family threw two amazing showers. Both were completely different and both exceeded any expectation that I had. They were wonderful and I feel so blessed and loved. Below are pictures from the second baby shower that Maya, my boss’ wife, and Tia, my friend and co-worker, threw for me at Maya’s house in Orlando. Girls from Relevant (where I work) and friends associated with Relevant attended.

The invitations had a baby carriage theme and they carried that through to the cake! It was an adorable carriage-shaped cake!

big gift!

Baby gear is much-appreciated at showers! Cameron and Maya bought the baby’s car seat (along with lots of other gifts!)

cute gift!

Cute baby shoes!

tia, cara and leta

Tia and Leta are posing with me here. Leta took at all these photos and had them printed for me. What a good friend!

mom at baby shower

Here’s Mom! I’m so glad she flew down to be part of this!

the girls

Alecia, Mel and Azuree hanging out on the couch.

measuring game

We played a game where the girls tried to guess the diameter of my expanding stomach with ribbon–then they compared it to my actual waist. Two-time mom Leta won this game!

baby food fear factor

In this game you had to smell (and/or) taste masked cans of baby food! I like to refer to it as Baby Food Fear Factor.

maya and cara

Maya was a great host with Tia–the decorations and food were incredible. I had a great time!

Baby: 29 Weeks; Me: 29 Years Old!

pic updateIt’s a big week for baby Madilyn and me. First off, the baby has probably grown about a half of an inch before this 29th week of pregnancy. Her amniotic fluid has reached its peak, meaning she’s got as much fluid to swim in as she’ll get.

Secondly, it’s baby shower time! My friends and family are throwing me TWO baby showers this weekend—both on Saturday, May 5. And that’s my 29th birthday. So we have lots of reasons to celebrate this weekend.

My mom is coming down to join in on the fun. She’ll be here through Mother’s Day (appropriate) and we’ll do our best to wrap up what we need to buy for the baby.