Post First Trimester Doc Appt.

14 weeks 2 The doc appt went great today. He said I’m having a “textbook pregnancy.” Great to hear! I gained three pounds, and he said that was on track. We heard the heartbeat again and it was in the 155-160 range again, which he calls the “girl” range. I guess we’ll see!

I asked him about flying … He said it’s okay as long as it’s in the next month but not to after that simply because if something were to happen I would probably be prohibited from traveling back. I’d have to stay where I was. He also said to get up an walk every 45 minutes to prevent blood clots from forming in the calves.

I asked him about my back hurting every time I rest. He said the extra levels of progesterone cause the ligaments to soften, which cause my bones to move around. So when I’m at rest or laying down, those bones will pinch that sciatic nerve. He said I’ll have that the rest of the pregnancy.

Oh—I go back in 3 weeks for a regular check-up like today’s and then it will be ANOTHER 3 weeks before we get to do the sonogram to find out what we’re having. So that’s the very end of feb or the first week in march. 🙁

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