14 Weeks

14 weeks The baby is about the size of a lemon now but only weighs two ounces. The uterus is about the size of a grapefuit. The baby’s body is covered in a fine layer of hair which will shed prior to birth. The amniotic fluid is regenerating itself every three hours. This week also marks the end of the first trimester, so that is a very good milestone. Jeff and I went out to eat and to the mall tonight and I picked up two adorable maternity skirts with the gift card that Maya got me. Last week we bought a used crib and changing table so that’s hanging out in our garage for now. When we find out if it’s a boy or a girl I’m sure we’ll get busy with names, nursery, registries and all that fun stuff. For now, I’m trying to take it easy!

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  1. i’m glad you were able to buy some fun stuff with the gc! will you be able to find out the sex this month? my old coach found out last week that she is having a girl. can we take bets as to what you are having! 🙂 i’m gonna go with a boy. althought i would really like to see your mom make those fancy dresses!

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