Full Speed Ahead

week 11 fetus Jeff and I returned last night from our weekend in Tennessee for Christmas. A nearly 13-hour road trip both ways! There was so much traffic. It was excruciating. We brought our dog with us and she was such a trooper the whole trip. I did pretty well too—no motion sickness and I was able to enjoy all the wonderful holiday foods.

I went back to the doctor today and he said everything looks great. At 11 1/2 weeks now, I haven’t gained weight yet, my blood work came back normal and we got to hear the heartbeat again. The heartbeat the first time was 149 or so and this time it was 155. We’ll still have to wait a couple of months before we find out if it’s a boy or girl.

More Gifts!

diaper bag gift My sister-in-law Pam surprised Jeff and I this weekend with a Christmas gift: a cute mini diaper bag stuffed full of baby supplies! My favorite is a bib that says, “Hi, I’m new here.” How cute is that? My mother-in-law Ginger also bought me three maternity pieces, a skirt, white button up shirt and a white tank top all from Old Navy. I guess it won’t be long until my regular clothes start to get tight. So far I’m having no problems. I’ve actually lost a few pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy. But in the coming weeks the baby will start to grow larger and I should start showing by the end of January, I’m estimating.

Eating for Two

fruit bowl Some people have asked me about how my eating habits have changed since the pregnancy. Pictured to the left is a recent 4 a.m. snack. Yummy fresh fruit. I wish I could say I always eat this healthy, but I am trying to be good 🙂 The first two weeks of the pregnancy all I wanted was salad. I should have known then something was going on! After the prenatal vitamins kicked in, my preferences turned to cheese. I wanted lots of it. Now I seem to want breakfast foods during the day and ice cream at night. My “morning sickness” hit me in the evenings. And while thankfully I only wretched a couple of times, I still get kind of borderline nauseous in the evenings. But I have found that I can stomach ice cream, so I can’t think of a better way to be. Oh—and the pregnancy books say you only need about 300 extra calories a day for baby, so you’re not really eating for two. A glass of milk and a half a sandwich would do the trick.

Our Little Kumquat – 10 Weeks!

kumquatWe’re now at 10 weeks, at which point the most critical portion of the baby’s development has passed. Vital organs are functioning, although they’ll continue to develop throughout the pregnancy. The baby is about an inch long now and weighs about 4 grams, but he/she will double in size to three inches during the next three weeks as we round out the first trimester.

9 Weeks

9 week ultrasound So … I’ve been up since 2:20 a.m. feeling kind of yucky. It’s all apart of it, I guess. So I spent the night redesigning our church website. At least I’m able to be semi-productive if I’m going to be awake. I’m 9 weeks now (the ultrasound photo to the right is an Internet photo, not our babe), and we’ve officially told most of our friends the big news!

Updates from week 9, according to Internet sources:

• Baby has begun to move
• Most joints are formed now
• Fingerprints are already evident in the skin
• Average size this week: length 0.9 inch (2.3cm), weight 0.07 ounce (2gm)

Happy 1 Year, Drew!

Drew One Year AgoYesterday was my nephew Drew’s 1-year birthday. Here’s a pic a year ago, hours after he was born. I remember sitting in the labor room with my sister-in-law, Pam, closely watching through her contractions. She had a long labor. It was great to be able to learn so much from her and her experience. Here’s Drew ready to tear into his first birthday cake. Yummy!
Drew 1 Year Old

Jeff in Israel

Jeff in Israel I thought I’d post another picture of my “baby’s daddy” since we don’t exactly have access to take pictures of the baby. This is Jeff on top of Mount Masada in Israel in February. I’m so glad we got to travel overseas before we started a family, and just before the bombing started over there this year.

Saving Money

show me the money While I mentioned before how much I’ve spent so far on the pregnancy, I thought I’d mention how much I’m saving as well. Since I’m not able to take my maintenance medication, I’m saving approximately $40 a month. Additionally, instead of buying pregnancy books, I’ve borrowed them from the library. Three books in all so far, so I’ll estimate savings of $40 there as well. By the way, borrowing books you’re unfamiliar with from the library is a great way of finding out if you want to make the investment of actually buying the book. Out of the three I borrowed, only one was worth reading … and it’s the classic “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” As horribly outdated as the cover is, it’s actually filled with comprehensive information about your entire pregnancy and postpartum period. I think I’ll look for a used copy on Amazon or eBay to buy.

Baby’s Moma

Cara This is a picture of me that Radiant’s art director, Anna Melcon, took today for my editor’s column. I figured there was a picture of everyone but me on here! Hopefully I’ll still recognize myself in seven months! Pretty soon it’ll be time to start the profile shots to see how the baby is growing.