Tonight I attended the first of what’s to be a 10-week group therapy slash writing group. We’re each sharing two stories — one of “shalom,” a moment of peace, awe, joy, solemnity — and a story of pain, something perhaps even unresolved. Tonight we also shared our hopes and fears for the group. One of my hopes was that I would let go of expectations for my time with the group. One of my fears was that my story wouldn’t seem as painful or extreme as theirs. The moderating therapists had to restrain themselves really hard from jumping into that one, and I get it. Someone else’s pain or experience doesn’t negate my own. Altogether I was amazed at the courage we each had to muster to tell our stories. Like this quote, the words and feelings aren’t in short supply. The hard part is sharing them. #Repost @mikefoster2000 (@get_repost) ・・・ we’ve always had the words and the feelings, but now were finding the courage. and in that i find great hope for this world and for each other.

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