Ellenor’s 1 Year Book

One of the benefits of blogging regularly about your children is that you have details documented that you can’t ever hope to recall by simply relying on your memory. So when the second child syndrome hits and you haven’t updated your baby blog in more than a year and you want to create a photo memory book like you did for your first child, you’re …. well, how do they say it …. out of luck. Thankfully there’s digital copies of every photo ever taken, and plenty of info to mine from on social media. So I was able to piece together Ellenor’s first year on earth in photo book form. Here it is for your viewing pleasure!

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Ellenor 9 Months

Our sweet Ellenor has 3 teeth, is crawling and pulling up. She is as content as ever but is starting to cry when we take away something she wants. She’s got opinions! She’s babbling, learning to high-five, blow kisses and sign “bottle” and “more.” We love her more each day!

Ellenor at 8 Months

Our sweet Ellenor is flying through her first year. She’s got one tooth breaking through the gum. She’s still rolling (instead of crawling) but getting stronger by the day. She’s just as sweet as she’s always been and cries when Mommy leaves the room. She eats baby food 2-3 times a day and drinks about 4 6oz. bottles of formula a day. Her sister can make her laugh harder than anyone else. It’s really something to see. She enjoys her baby toys and loves music! Any time she hears it she’ll start rocking back and forth and moving her legs.

We’re moved in!

We’re officially moved in! It’ll take a while to get situated but the hard part is over. The washer/dryer was delivered yesterday & we now have Internet. Yay! I love being close to Madilyn’s school. Jeff is closer to his now as well. The house is beautiful & wonderful & big and we’re feeling exceptionally blessed.









Love Notes

Since the first or second day of school Madilyn has been fast friends with an adorable little boy named Canon in her class. She said, “Canon thinks in his girlfriend.” I said, “Why does he think that?” She said, “because I make him think that.”

We had a good laugh over that but she’s continued her little friendship, as Canon’s mom & I have begun to develop one as well. She texted me a pic she found in his backpack this week. (Top pic) and I found one in Madilyn’s as well (bottom pic).



Top pic Madilyn wrote the words, “I’m going to kiss you, said Canon” and Canon drew the picture. The bottom Canon wrote but we’re not sure of all the words. We can make out, “I love you, Madilyn. This is why….”

Madilyn says they’re writing a play. It’ll be interesting to see what else these two come up with!

Christmas Party!

Madilyn’s class had a Christmas party yesterday which was so fun. I was thrilled to get to be there & help. They ate fun food and opened gifts from their teacher (a book & candy) and stockings filled with little gifts from all their friends.



Cara for hire (aka I lost my job!)

The news is finally public that Halogen TV, the company I helped launch & worked for during the past five years, has been sold. I got the call a week before Thanksgiving that my services were no longer needed.

I’m so grateful to have been part of that team, and for the financial blessing the job has been, as it allowed me to set up my freelance services as an LLC & work from home.

So now I’m truly freelance as my main contract is no more… I’m wide open and ready for business! Check out my website CaraDavisCreativeServices.com and forward my info to anyone you know needing someone who’s a pro with online content & publishing.

Thanks! And much love you you this holiday season!